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The controversial designer

The controversial designer 

Iris van Herpen the 34 years old Dutch fashion designer who is widely recognized as one of fashion’s 
most talented and forward-thinking designers that always push to break  the boundaries of fashion design. Since her first show in 2007 van Herpen has been preoccupied with inventing new forms and methods of sartorial expression of fashion by combining the most traditional and the most radical materials  constructing master pieces by her unique methods to take us into her unique aesthetic vision. She calls this design ethos “New Couture.”
~Van Herpen about describing her work
If I were to use one word to describe my work, it would be movement
as one of the most influential things in my life has been my classical ballet practice. Through dance I learned about the seduction of movement, the transformation of the body and the ‘evolution’ of shape. Those years taught me how to shift shape and were the birth of my interest in fashion.

I Don’t think of fa…

Top 5 Scariest Art Works in History

Usually art works are drawn to give you sense of love, comfort, and compassion. But in some cases, this rule was broken, here we will discover with you 5 of the scariest and mysterious arts during history. Horror is not only in books or movies, some paintings when you look at them you feel as if you’re watching a horror scene or having a nightmare. Its true that its hard to put one of those paintings in your bedroom, but at least you can look at these paintings here.

Judith slaying Holofernes

Artemisia Gentileschi
 an Italian Baroque painter draw this painting by 17th century and was the embodiment of the murder committed by a Jewish widow named Judith after the Assyrian leader Holofernes attacked her city under his captivity. Judith took off her clothes with her maid and entered the camp of the Assyrian leader, who welcomed her as a new plunder to help him getting the city under captivity, and as he prepared big meal for her, Judith lures him to drink and then seduces him to his tent, …

Secrets about Leonardo Da Vinci Life

Leonardo da Vinci who is considered as one of the most genius artists in History, a man that draw art works in a unique way that wasn’t discovered for more than 500 years, his genius is as in the same level as Steve jobs and Einstein, today we will speak about his life and his Secrets.

This Italian man who was born in 15th of April 1452 in the renaissance era, had many specializations, he was a Painter, Architect, Sculpture, inventor, and military engineer. With a genius mind and love of curiosity, Leonardo studied the laws of nature and science, who greatly affects his thoughts and his work, his way of working has greatly affects artists in his generation which made him the leading Artist in the Renaissance era.
Facts about his life
Leonardo da Vinci was an illegitimate child who was born to an unmarried couple, his father is San Piero da Vinci ( a lawyer who certifies legal documents) and his mother is Caterina ( Farmer) who never lived with his father but got is …