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Secrets about Leonardo Da Vinci Life

Leonardo da Vinci who is considered as one of the most genius artists in History, a man that draw art works in a unique way that wasn’t discovered for more than 500 years, his genius is as in the same level as Steve jobs and Einstein, today we will speak about his life and his Secrets.

This Italian man who was born in 15th of April 1452 in the renaissance era, had many specializations, he was a Painter, Architect, Sculpture, inventor, and military engineer. With a genius mind and love of curiosity, Leonardo studied the laws of nature and science, who greatly affects his thoughts and his work, his way of working has greatly affects artists in his generation which made him the leading Artist in the Renaissance era.

Facts about his life


Leonardo da Vinci was an illegitimate child who was born to an unmarried couple, his father is San Piero da Vinci ( a lawyer who certifies legal documents) and his mother is Caterina ( Farmer) who never lived with his father but got is a sexual relation with him.
Leo lived with his mother until he was 5, then left to live with his father who got married to another women.

Didn’t went to school:

Unlike most of the artists in Renaissance era, Leonardo Da Vinci did not go to school, he just studied writing, reading, and mathematics, then at the age of 14 Leo started to learn art under the supervision of the well-known artist Andrea del Verrocchio, who had great influence on him as he learned during this time drawing, painting, carpentry, and metal work.

Reverse Writing:

The discovered notebooks for Leonardo Da Vinci showed a strange habit for that genius artist which is writing upside down which makes you read only what he wrote if the page was held up to a mirror, and the reason behind this trick is that he tried to be suspicious and make himself hard to be understood.

Mona Lisa was not finished

Leonardo da Vinci was known to take a very long time to finish his artworks, he died leaving many of his artworks not finished, including his most famous Project ‘’The Mona Lisa’’, some art trackers said that the illness was the reason behind leaving this artwork not finished.

Bill Gates Paid 30$ million for Leonardo Notebook

The ‘’ Codex Leicester’’ a 72-page rare notebook for Leo which was written between 1505-1510 that include rare thoughts of da Vinci’s mind, full diagrams, sketches, and iterations of ideas, his wrote in it his thoughts about water-tides, dams and eddies, and the relationship between the sun, earth, and the moon.
 Bill gates bough this notebook for 30.8 million dollars, making the single page cost 472 thousand dollar, making it the most expensive notebook ever.

His Last Years

In his last 3 years Da Vinci decided to live in Rome, he moved there in 1513 and stayed till 1516, he was honored there so much, but choose to stay apart from political and social life and focus on his writings about science and engineering until he passed away on May 2/5/1519 and he's still remembered as one of  the most genius artists ever.


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