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Top 5 Scariest Art Works in History

Usually art works are drawn to give you sense of love, comfort, and compassion. But in some cases, this rule was broken, here we will discover with you 5 of the scariest and mysterious arts during history.
Horror is not only in books or movies, some paintings when you look at them you feel as if you’re watching a horror scene or having a nightmare. Its true that its hard to put one of those paintings in your bedroom, but at least you can look at these paintings here.

Judith slaying Holofernes

Artemisia Gentileschi
 an Italian Baroque painter draw this painting by 17th century and was the embodiment of the murder committed by a Jewish widow named Judith after the Assyrian leader Holofernes attacked her city under his captivity. Judith took off her clothes with her maid and entered the camp of the Assyrian leader, who welcomed her as a new plunder to help him getting the city under captivity, and as he prepared big meal for her, Judith lures him to drink and then seduces him to his tent, believing that he will make love with her, she cuts his head with his sharp sword after he lost his consciousness.

The Great Red Dragon

A drawing by William Blake an English artist and poet than was famous for his romantic poems, and for his mysterious artworks. In this painting William shows the great red dragon from Apocalypse, the dragon is drawn to have seven heads and ten horns, seven crowns on his head, his tail drew one third of the stars in the sky, throwing them to earth.

The Nightmare

It was drawn by the swiss artist John Henry Fuseli in 1781, and it became very famous when it was first presented in France which forced Fuseli to draw different versions of it.

Shown in the painting a sleeping woman wearing white dress and appearing on her face and texture the feelings of uncomforted and anxious after the nightmare she saw which is drawn above her which describes a monster sitting above the women who used to seduce her while she is sleeping and watching them in the background an animal which looks like a horse. The painting gives the feelings of willies to anyone who used to see it.

The hands resist him

Painted by the American artist Bill Sutinham in 1972, and after presenting it on artistic Bai website the painting caused a sensation because of what was reported about the disappearance of children who appear from time to time, and that they were moving at night outside the painting.
The two children appear in the painting in a frightening way without eyes, while in the background there are several small hands for other children trying to resist the glass barrier where the two children stand in front of them in the painting.

Cry of Nature 


This painting is one of the most famous paintings ever, it was painted by the Norwegian expressionist artist Edvard Munch in 1895. The artist wrote a poem in which he mentioned the reasons for his painting: "I was walking with a friend - the sun was falling - and suddenly the sky was red - I stopped straining and leaned on a fence - there was blood and the sun flame over the sea strait and the city - my friends continued walking and i stood there trembling, I felt an endless cry from nature. "The cry of nature is one of the most expensive paintings of the world, which was sold at the Sotheby's auction for $ 111.9 million.


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