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Art X Pop Beyonce and Jay-z take over the louvre

Beyonce X Jay-Z

    The couple caused a heated controversy by using the Louvre as a location for their recently released music video and collaborative album, the Carters show just how much their dynamic as a couple has evolved. There new album The most widely shared photograph showed Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ© flanking the “Mona Lisa,” approximating her dodgy expression.

The Atlantic ~ So how did one of the most visible couples in the music world—who have already toured together and put out decades of videos about their love, sex, and mutual success—create something that feels even the slightest bit fresh? The spectacle of making new art using some of the most famous Western art in the world certainly helped. But though the duo had grappled with their evolving conceptions of gender in their own projects, “Apeshit” and Everything Is Love represent the Carters’ first real attempt to stitch those ideas together into a cohesive whole. Until this point, most of their collaborations had credited them …

Meet Maria the artist that changed concept of love through her illustrations

Asking Maria about her personal life

Im from Spain and I am 32 years old , I study illustration and photography nowadays to widen the horizons of artworks trying to improve them as much as I can .

How did you start your career?
My art career started at this moment of my life through instagram as I didn't have an art career before earlier in my life.
Is there a specific person you consider as an icon for you?
My icon is everyone who has a dream or a goal and meets it but my favorite artist is Salvador Dali.

What do you expect to reach as an artist in two years ?

In two years I want to work in a editorial projects mostly. Who's the person who motivated you the most ?
the person who motivates me the most is my cousin, he always supports me and who motivates me the most what she does is xaviera lopez I love the things she does, I also like paula bonet and brokenisntbad.

Sex or Chocolate ?
between sex or chocolate I choose sex

Your favorite fashion trend ?
the best fashion trend for me is …