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Roses On Roses

Roses On Roses

The upscale brand that gaps the bridge between streetwear and lifestyle apparel

Meet Adhiraj the mind behind the up growing brand from Saratoga, California, who started his brand from his home garage.

Tell us about yourself and who you are
I’m Adhiraj, the founder of Roses On Roses. I’m from Saratoga, where the brand was founded and where all manufacturing operations were initially run. I currently study Computer Engineering at UC Santa Cruz. When I’m not designing apparel or strategizing the next moves for the brand, I honestly don’t know what I’m doing other than schoolwork. I was never too fond of passing time watching TV or playing games other than Doodle Jump if that even counts.

Tell us about your brand ( how did you get the idea ) I started the brand in my sophomore year of high school, after I found myself dissatisfied with the merchandise that popular retailers held. To me, the perfect shirt possesses a combination of comfortable fabrics, meaningful artwork, and durability. It was ridiculous how I would have to continuously buy new shirts for my wardrobe after they would get ruined after a few washes. My goal was to create a clothing brand with designs which resonated with me and with materials that could withstand the test of time.
When did you start excuting Though the website officially didn’t go live until January 17, 2017, since the summer of 2016 I had been playing with mockups of shirts to find the perfect material and overall product that consisted with my vision. A lot of Q3 and Q4 of 2016 was spent creating the website, creating the first line of pieces, shooting pictures with models, and spreading the word via my social media accounts.

What are the obstacles that faced your brand While building a brand, there is just so much to do that if one is not fully dedicated it is very easy to fall off. To list of a few: garnering attention, fulfilling all the orders manually, configuring the website and consistently updating it, thinking of and delivering the best possible marketing campaigns via emails and social media.
Do you see yourself as an artist
I see myself as an entrepreneur, visionary, and artist. I think being an artist is so much more than simply being able to draw. I feel it’s more the ability to conceptualize and then create things that elicit an emotional response from oneself, and then others. I imagine the true artist to be one that can transpose what is experienced within the fabric of one's creative source and craft it into something that can be expressed to share in a tangible form—clothing in this case.

Who does your designs I design my pieces and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every design you see on the shirts is directly inspired by things that happened in my life, each portraying a different concept. Over time, the brand has come to serve as an outlet for my thoughts and emotions with each shirt essentially being a blank canvas for my mind to paint.
What are your dreams for your brand
I want to expand from just being an online retailer to a brick & mortar store which I would be able to design and build to my liking. In addition, I would love to host a fashion show one year for the launch of a new line.

Why the name roses on roses There’s really no elaborate backstory to how I came up with the name. I suppose it just came naturally to me. In my backyard at home we have a rose bush and it is really pretty, with roses on roses stacked endlessly on top of each other.


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